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Henna Juusola, PhD candidate, University of Tampere

Quality beyond the borders: Perspectives on Quality of Higher Education in the Context of Finnish Education Export

I am currently doing a PhD research that is focusing on the factors that explain the quality of higher education in the context of Finnish education export (transnational education) phenomenon. My research is combining the national higher education policy, institutional quality assurance practicalities and concrete education export implementation that is a master degree programme in teacher education in Indonesia (Aceh region). The programme was organized between the years 2016-2017 in a collaboration with Indonesian Sukma foundation and the Faculty of Education, University of Tampere. In my research, quality of education is as a political and relative concept, and from that perspective my study also challenge the concept of quality of education that is often taken for granted and stress the multiple, sometimes conflicting socio-cultural frames (conventions) where the value creation is based on.  


Luran Min, MA Student, Stockholm University

The Chinese Communist Party’s Public Opinion Warfare against Taiwan:A Discourse Analysis of the Depiction of the Cross-Strait Issue on Mainstream Media of China (P.R.C)

I am currently doing a MA thesis project on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) public opinion/media warfare against Taiwan. The project might allow to explain to what extent and how the public opinion warfare works  from the perspective of political communication. My background is East Asian studies at Stockholm University. My undergraduate program included a exchange program at Chinese Culture University  in Taiwan, a summer school of Japanese language and culture at Meiji University in Tokyo, and two media traineeships at China Central Television and China Review News Agency in Beijing. My MA thesis focuses on Chinese political communication and its effect on East Asia. I am confident that that my stay at NIAS, including consultations and communication with researchers here and use of available resources, will be most beneficial to my MA thesis project. ​