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Andrea Menéndez Arboleya, Master student, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Myanmar Mobile Citizenships in a Context of International Labor Migration in Peri-Urban Bangkok

In a world with steady increasing rates of worldwide mobility, cross-country migrants experience losses of their democratic rights while living abroad. This happens because full democratic rights linked to the current notion of citizenship only apply to certain individuals (citizens) within a specific geographical area limited by political boundaries (nation-states). The main motivation behind my study is to challenge these limitations by exploring alternative, in particular non-Western bottom-down, notions of citizenship that can contribute to improve levels of democracy in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region.


Lisa Lindkvist Zhang, Master student, University of Copenhagen

Himalayan Interludes: Chinese Kinetics in Indo-Tibetan Lattices

Lisa Lindkvist Zhang is an MA student in Chinese Studies at University of Copenhagen. She also holds an MA degree in Chinese Philosophy from Fudan University and a BA in Philosophy from University College London. Lisa's research interests revolve around transregional interactions with focus on translation practices, the writing of intellectual histories, and the articulation of 'Otherness'. Her current MA thesis, tentatively titled “Himalayan Interludes: Chinese Kinetics in Indo-Tibetan Lattices”, seeks to shed light on the politics of Chinese interactions in the Indian Himalaya between the 1940s to the 1960s.