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Pia Eskelinen, PhD Candidate, Master of Administrative Sciences, M.Sc. (Civil Law), the Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Law, University of Turku.

Urbanization and its effects on rural women’s land rights in the PRC
Pia's research covers rural women in the rural areas of China and the problems they face due to rapid and aggressive land policy.



Ruvimbo Natalie Mavhiki-Hodzi, PhD candidate, Asian Studies, University of Helsinki

Zero Conditionality: The Rise of Competitive Authoritarianism and China's Foreign Aid
Ruvimbo is focusing on China’s increasing cooperation with African authoritarian regimes and its effect on democratisation. She has done extensive research on Democracy in divided societies, Democracy promotion, Aid, African politics and Gender and development. Prior to her engagement in Finland, Ruvimbo worked with the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) coordinating election Monitoring and Observation in the run-up and during Zimbabwe’s 2013 Presidential election.