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Muhammad Ahsan Qureshi has a Master's Degree in Global and Transnational Sociology from University of Tampere and is currently working on his PhD proposal with the title:

Mosques in a Transcultural Europe: an enterprise of compromises

Proposed PhD research examines how competing narratives in a ‘transcultural space’ blend to form new realities. The proposed Islamic Oasis Complex in Helsinki will be used as a case study. Discourse both in support and opposition of the project will be analyzed via the bottom-up approach of epistemic governance. The analysis will have an actor-centred approach, highlighting how the contributions made at this level influence the general narratives. The drawn analysis will highlight the impact of the general discourse on a) the democratic policy making infrastructure of Finland, and b) the composition of the Finnish-Muslim identity in both short-run and long-run.

Johanna Saviniemi is a Master Student from University of Helsinki, and her project is titled:

Born This Way Lah! - Gender Recognition and Gender Expression of Malaysian Transwomen

I am a Social and Cultural Anthropology major from University of Helsinki, currently doing my MA thesis. My study is about Malaysia’s intensifying anti-LGBT+ politics with a focus on its affects to the most visible part of LGBT+ community, male-to-female transgender people. The study evaluates how transgender women of Kuala Lumpur find the space to express their gender identities in surroundings where non-binary gender is legally unrecognized. The study is based on ethnographic fieldwork carried out in city of Kuala Lumpur between April and August 2017.