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We are currently welcoming two new SUPRA's at NIAS:

Perrine Gouiffès, MA, University of Turku 

Casualized Youth: imposed identities and self-agency in a state of crisis in South Korea

"I am currently studying at the Center for East Asian Studies at Turku University, Finland. My thesis project relates to temporary workers in South Korea following the deregularization of the post-1997 labour market. I aim to realize an ethnographic study of service-industry youth workers."


Hanna Ye, MA, Lund University

Cash for childcare and Gender Equality in South Korea: Challenging Women’s Childcare Labour and Childcare Choice

"I am currently working on my master thesis project in Sociology at Lund University. My master thesis project looking at the challenges for married women’s childcare labour and childcare choice, is to investigate cash for childcare and its implication for gender equality in South Korea."