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New SUPRA Students at NIAS

The next two weeks we are welcoming two new SUPRA Students:

Jifeng Liu, PhD, Leiden
Jifeng Liu is currently a PhD candidate in sociology of religion at Leiden University Centre for the Study of Religion, the Netherlands. He was a visiting doctoral student of Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Cambridge. Jifeng received his master’s degree in demographic sociology from Xiamen University (China) in 2010. He is focusing on the Christianity’s relevance to the cultural contest with the officially established authority. His doctoral research will be conducted by asking how local people reinterpret the past of Christianity and reproduce church histories that redefine forms of local power structures in contemporary urban China. His fields of interest include sociology of religion, Christianity in contemporary China, immigrant religion in Chinese societies, and social memory.
Piia Ylitalo, MA, Helsinki
Piia Ylitalo is doing an MA at the University of Helsinki on the topic of Nihonjinron, concentrating on the perspective of the readers and their reactions to the Nihonjinron claims.