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New Post-doc Introductory Stipends

 From October to December five new post docs have joined us at the institute. For the next two months they have gotten the opportunity to work on applications trying to fund their different post-doc proposals.

The five Stipends are:

Karl Jakob Krognes, Japonologist, Tors, University of Copenhagen
 Project title: Household-based registration and cultural similarity in Northeast Asia – Japan, Taiwan, and (South) Korea

Susanne Bregnbæk, Anthropologist, University of Copenhagen
 Project titl e: Jesus in Beijing: Mapping Young Chinese Christian’s Religious Lives

Angie Bexley, Anthropologist, The Australian National University
 Project title: Mapping Migrant Landscapes: East Timorese in Europe

Taru Salmenkari, University of Helsinki
 Project title: Vertical and horizontal civil society relations in East Asia – The role of NGOs in constituting civil society

Henri Myrrtinen, University of Kwazulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa
 Project title: Legacies of Colonialism, Occupation, Tradition and Popular Culture – Examining Hybrid Masculine Identities in Timor-Leste Gangs