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New guest researcher at NIAS

Vu Thi Thao is currently a guest researcher at NIAS. She received her PhD in Human Geography from University of Copenhagen. She graduated BA Economics from National Economics University (Vietnam) in 2002. Vu Thi Thao was awarded a fellowship from the Ford Foundation for pursuing her master’s degree in Geography and Geoinformatics at University of Copenhagen. In 2007, she received an employment contract from University of Copenhagen for doing her PhD degree.
Dr. Vu has been working in the areas of women’s migration, gender, families, population policies, and development in Vietnam for more than 6 years. Her work has been published in Population, Space and Place, and in Asian Population Studies. Dr. Vu will stay at NIAS until 30 April 2012.

Here are a few titles of recently published articles:
"Making a Living in Rural Vietnam from (Im)mobile Livelihoods: a Case of Women's Migration"
"‘DOING FAMILY’ - Female migrants and family transition in rural Vietnam"
"Mobile, flexible, and adaptable: female migrants in Hanoi's informal sector"