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A New Generation of Sino-Nordic Gender Matters

Senior Researcher Cecilia Milwertz has resigned and will be leaving NIAS at the end of June. Her final piece of academic writing is the position paper  ‘A New Generation of Sino-Nordic Gender Matters’

The paper was published in NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research Volume 26, 2018 in a theme issue - Issue 4: Gender and Generation in China today which is the outcome of the 2017 6th Sino-Nordic Gender Studies Network Conference.

NIAS is currently planning the 7th network conference that will be hosted by the National Central Library in Taiwan in Taipei late October 2020.

In future the network will be coordinated by Dušica Ristivojević, Kone Bold Initiatives Researcher at Helsinki University and Sarah Swider, the Department of Sociology, the University of Copenhagen.