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Katrine Herold visiting IIAS in Leiden

NIAS' project coordinator, Katrine Herold, is visiting IIAS (International Institute for Asian Studies) in Leiden this week. The purpose of the visit is to exchange ideas with colleagues in the same field, inspire each other and find new areas for further cooperation in the future.
NIAS and IIAS have previously worked together on several project, and we hope to be able to revitalize this cooperation.
As a part of the revived cooperation between IIAS and NIAS IIAS' Director Phillippe Peycam and Institute Manager Willem Vogelsang will participate in NIAS annual NNC conference which will be held 27-30 November in cooperation with CEMAT at Aalto University in Helsinki.
IIAS has kindly provided Katrine with the director's office, which used to be Queen Beatrix's office while she was a student at Leiden University.