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Geir Helgesen talks to NK News about human rights in North Korea

"North Korea refuses to cooperate at any level on the issue of human rights, according to an announcement from the United Nations in early July.

But a recently established investigation commission, led by Australian judge Michael Kirby, seems determined to gather all possible information both from former North Korean citizens now living abroad and, should access be granted, directly from North Korean authorities, even if the latter seems unrealistic at the moment."

NIAS' Director Geir Helgesen, long-time researcher of politics and culture on the Korean Peninsula, has analyzed the human rights issue in North Korea in Dialogue with North Korea? Preconditions for Talking Human Rights with the Hermit Kingdom, which he co-authored with Hatla Thelle, published in April. Because of this he was recently  interviewed by NK News to discuss human rights, Western perspectives of North Korea, and what lies ahead.

To read the full interview follow this link to the NK News website