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Fudan Center and NIAS hosted a delegation headed by Prof. Yonghao Gui, Vice President of Fudan University and discussed cross-disciplinary research on public health

On March 26, 2017, Fudan Center and NIAS hosted a visiting delegation headed by the Vice President of Fudan University, Prof. Yonghao Gui. The delegation also includes Prof. Ming-Wei Wang (Dean, School of Pharmacy at Fudan), Dr. Hong Lan (Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy at Fudan).

The visitors met with Geir Helgesen and Chunrong Liu and explored the ideas and potentials for Fudan-Nordic research collaboration on the sociocultural dimensions of public health.  Geir and Chunrong briefed the delegation of the function of NIAS and the Fudan Center’s approach of cooperation. The idea to incorporate health and human security as a thematic area for cross-border research engagement in the Fudan Center’s new strategy was also encouraged and supported by VP Gui.  In Prof. Ming-Wei Wang’s word, “social science and humanities matter to the studies of public health in any context, in particular Chinese societies.  We are looking forward to using Fudan Center as a tool and working with our Nordic partners to strengthen our cross-disciplinary research ties and generate real insights for public health”. 

The Fudan delegation was a combined visit to Copenhagen and Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. In Copenhagen, they attended the Sino-Danish Regulatory Science Center Second Joint Meeting held at the University of Copenhagen and discussed a number of major research and education projects sponsored by Novo Nordisk, hoping to expand bilateral and multilateral co-operations in the years to come.