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In Focus: Vietnam and Thailand

Two new articles on the In Focus blog:

Developing Vietnam with Whom: Restoration 2.0 for the Resurgence of Modern Vietnam

by Mia Ji Sørensen, MA Student in International Studies and Social Science, Aarhus University and Affiliated Workplace Student ant NIAS

"Wouldn’t you define Vietnam as a middle-income country?” I was asked this rhetorical question last week. Despite its emerging economy status, with a growth rate of approximately 7 per cent during the past two decades, it is still one of the poorest of the ‘Next 11 Countries,’ and even though Vietnam has been in vibrant development, it is now faced with stagnant economic growth. "

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The dice that always land on Red

by Anya Palm, Freelance journalist focusing on Southeast Asia and NIAS Associate.

"About a week ago, Thailand’s capital Bangkok, saw the largest demonstrations since the political turmoil that gripped the country in 2010. Back then, supporters of Thailand’s exiled former Premier, Thaksin Shinawatra, took the streets. That didn’t end well – when the smoke cleared after the demonstrations, 92 people had lost their lives and over 1000 people were badly wounded. So in these past few weeks, fear of repetition of the black days in spring 2010 has had the city on needles. "

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