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Chanjittra Chanorn New Associated PhD Student at NIAS

Chanjittra Chanorn (Baitong) comes from Chiang Mai University in Thailand. Her research areas are: Cultural-economic anthropology, Socio-economic development, Ethnicity, Cultural rights, Cultural commodity and Globalization, with a regional focus on Southeast Asia

Baitong's current project is:
The Social Life of Indigo The role of cultural commodities to sustain local cultures in Northeastern Thailand. This study mainly emphasizes indigo culture in the Northeast of Thailand at a local level and what challenges arise in the indigo culture as a result of globalization. Indigo culture had vanished for several decades; however it has been again reintroduced, commoditized, globalized and is being sold in national and global markets. Consequently it has been transformed and it also effects to transformation of its originated communities. The main question is focused on whether the particular local culture can maintain its identity or if it will be homogenized to a global culture.

Baitong will be at NIAS for a year, working on her PhD project.