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Building a New Corridor – A successful visit by the Fudan Delegation to Lund University, University of Amsterdam, IIAS and Leiden University

Fudan Centre Highlight

November 2014


Building a New Corridor – A successful visit by the Fudan Delegation to Lund University, University of Amsterdam, IIAS and Leiden University

By Chunrong Liu

One November 17, Fudan Center helped organize a Fudan delegation’s visit to Lund University, University of Amsterdam, International Institute of Asian Studies (IIAS) and Leiden University. The delegation is headed by Vice President Prof. Lin Shangli and includes Prof. Chen Yinzhang, director of Fudan Nordic Center and special advisor to Fudan President, Liu Chunrong of Fudan-European Centre for China Studies (Fudan Centre), Tang Wenqing from Fudan Foreign Affairs Office and Zhao Xinmin of FDDI.  The purpose of this visit is to consolidate academic ties between Fudan and its Nordic and western European partners by extending the role of Fudan Nordic Centre and Fudan Centre at Copenhagen.

At Lund, the delegation was friendly received by a group of academic leaders and leading Chinese experts, including Prof. Ann-Katrin Bäcklund, Dean of Social Sciences Faculty, Prof. Lynn Åkesson, Dean of Humanity and theology, Prof. Tomas Bergström, head of department of political science, Prof. Michael Schoenhals, Prof. Åsa Lundqvis and Prof. Jen Nlof Nilsson from Sociology Department, Prof. Marina Svensson and Prof. Sengt Lundell.  Through a lively workshop on Fudan-Lund social science and humanities (SSH) collaboration, both sides presented their respective research landscapes and agreed to strengthen joint research on contemporary China studies. Prof. Chen Yinzhang addressed the role of Fudan Nordic Centre in China-Nordic academic engagement. Liu Chunrong presented the mission, themes and network of Fudan Centre, with a hope to build up a new corridor for Fudan-Lund collaborations in SSH.  VP Lin confirmed that Fudan will continuously work with leading Nordic Universities including Lund to upgrade existing collaborations and identify new research initiatives.

The delegation then visited University of Copenhagen on 18 November and discussed with Dean Troels Sorensen and Department Head Lars Bo Kaspersen on Fudan Centre’s ongoing programming as well as a special panel to be organized by Fudan Centre at Shanghai Forum 2015.

On 19-21 November, the Delegation visited University of Amsterdam (UvA), International Institute of Asian Studies (IIAS) and Leiden University. Prof. Louise J. Gunning-Schepers, President of the Executive Board of the UvA extended a warm welcome to the delegation and highly valued UvA’s relationship with Fudan. VP Lin made a brief statement on Fudan’s recent development with a focus on the Fudan research platform for SSH. He called for a cross-disciplinary collaboration on international business and law with UvA, which was echoed by the UvA president.

At IIAS, Director Philippe Paycam and his associates warmly greeted the Fudan delegation and updated the delegation with IIAS’s research network building and flagship programs. Both sides were interested in institutional level engagement and academic resource sharing, especially on comparative research on Chinese civilization.

VP Lin Shangli, Chen Yinzhang and Liu Chunrong were then invited by Leiden University and LERU (League of European Research Universities) to join the discussion on the role of social sciences and humanities in meeting the global challenges on November 20-21.  The event was presented by a group of prominent academics, university administrators and policymakers from throughout the world.  The Fudan delegates shared their Chinese perspectives and agreed on mobilizing more financial resources and promoting international partnerships for an expanded role of SSH in coping with human challenges.