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Autumn activities at the Fudan-European Centre

The next couple of months will be busy with many interesting visits and events, the ones mentioned below is just some of them.

Like last year, we will received a delegation from Wuxi-Insitute for a mini Summer Course on "Advanced Economy and Business" taking place on 22-26 August at Asia House.

23 August "Vested interest in Chinese politics – a form of corruption or a means to get things done?" An open roundtable event with Professor Yu Zheng, Fudan University and Professor Jørgen Delman, University of Copenhagen. Co-org. with Working Group on Economics and Business. Read more

24 August "China’s aid and investment in developing countries"  a seminar with Professor Yu Zheng, Fudan University and Senior Research Yang Jiang, DIIS. Co-org. with the Working Group on Economics and Business in collaboration with DIIS. Read more

29 August we are planning a lunch talk by prof. Chen Li on "Governing Polar Region" (still TBC)

On 9 September the Fudan-European Centre will receive a research delegation from the Chinese Political History Archive, who will meet with relevant people from NIAS and the Royal Library.

The Fudan-European centre and the Univerisity of Copenhagen have planned a Welfare Research Workshop, which will take place at the Fudan University in Shanghai 26-27 September.

1 October we are hosting a seminar on the ongoing Fudan-European Centre project of Mapping China Studies in Europe.

Finally from 31 September to 9 October the "Fudan Day" will take place in Belgium and Spain, maybe combined with a visit in Copenhagen as well.