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Asia Brown Bag: The independence of NOCs in Chinese foreign policy – looking at the cases of Angola and Sudan

Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 12:30 to 13:30

NIAS and ADI invite you to a brown bag lecture by Kasandra Behrndt-Eriksen, Ph.D., adjunct lecturer at the University of Copenhagen.

Chinese companies have invested largely in countries abroad in recent years, including in countries in Africa. This article investigates the activities of Chinese energy companies in Africa, looking at the cases of Angola and Sudan. It develops a theoretical framework that can examine the role of non-state actors in foreign policy. The article presents clear evidence that non-state actors play a role and sometimes go against the policy line from Beijing. Theoretically, it illuminates the increasing role played by National Oil Companies (NOCs) in foreign policy and contributes with explicitation of the role played by NOCs for the foreign policy of the state. The paper, moreover, contributes with insights regarding the importance of concerns with domestic stability (weiwen) to Chinese foreign policy and how this motive relates to the NOC activities in a number of countries.  

Venue: NIAS, CSS, room 18.1.08

Feel free to bring your own lunch. There will be coffee/tea.