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4th Annual Asian Dynamics Initiative Conference "Rising Asia - Anxious Europe"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 to Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rising Asia, Anxious Europe
International conference, 2-3 May 2012, University of Copenhagen

The dramatic ‘rise' of Asia appears to Europeans as a double-edged sword, perched between allure and anxiety. "Rising Asia, Anxious Europe", a two-day conference organised by the Asian Dynamics Initiative (ADI), will explore how European states, corporations and individuals are beginning to forge a ‘new' relationship with Asia.

Conference opening:
• Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Villy Søvndal               
• Prorector Thomas Bjørnholm, University of Copenhagen

Keynote talks by:
• Prof. Ulrich Beck: "World at Risk: are Asia and Europe chasing the same dream or nightmare?"
• Isabel Hilton: "Future green superpowers: Chinese competition or cooperation?"
• Prof. Peter van der Veer: "Coping with Diversity in Europe, India and China"
• Prof. Wang Gungwu: "The China Effect in Asia and Europe"
• Prof. Aihwa Ong: "Science as the Heart of 'World-Class' Cities in Asia"

Panel sessions on business, security, resource competition, values and more.

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