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Uzma Rehman
Dr., Research Fellow

(+45) 3323 4404
Uzma Rehman has a Ph.D. from the Department of History of Religions, Institute for Regional and Crosscultural Studies, University of Copenhagen. Her Ph.D. thesis was entitled: Sufi Shrines and Identity Construction in Pakistan: The Mazars of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and Syed Pir Waris Shah. Her main publications include: ‘Salaam: A Sufi Perspective’, The International Handbook of Peace Studies. Palgrave McMillan. Forthcoming. ‘Sacred Spaces, Rituals & Practices: The Mazārs of Saiyid Pīr Wāris Shāh and Shāh ‘Abdu’l Latīf Bhitāī’: Raudvere, Catharina and Stenberg, Leif (eds.). Sufism Today. London: I.B.Tauras. 2008, pp.137-57. ‘Religion, Politics and Holy Shrines in Pakistan’. Nordic Journal of Religion and Society. No. 2, Vol. 19, 2006, pp.17-28.