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Gitte Marianne Hansen
PhD, Lecturer in Japanese Studies

Gitte’s research currently focuses on normative femininity and the construction of female characters in contemporary Japanese culture, including literature, manga, anime, film. She is particularly interested in connections between normative notions of femininity and women’s self-directed violent acts, such as eating disorders and self-harm. Her research project is a cross study between sociology and literature and deals with diverse cultural expressions, such as Murakami Haruki's, Kanehara Hitomi's, and Kirino Natsuo's literary works, as well as Miyazaki Hayao's animation and artwork by Aida Makoto, among others. 
Gitte Marianne Hansen holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and an MA from the University of Copenhagen. She is currently a Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Japanese Studies at the School of Modern Languages, Newcastle University.