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Anders Riel Müller
Phd, Researcher

(+45) 4268 7860

Anders' research focuses on the cultural political economy of food systems and the study of South Korean led development interventions in South East Asia. His current research focus is on the development of South Korean beef production and consumption and its implications for agricultural production, trade policy and foodways in South Korea. His Phd dissertation studies how economic nationalism and Gastronationalism have influenced South Korean agricultural trade policy since the early 1979s. Another research focus is on ethnic minorities in Denmark and how food practices come into being in the encounter with Danish majority food cultures – currently focus is in particular on South Korean adoptees living in Denmark and how their food choices can be a lens through which to understand how they negotiate their position in Danish society. His third research focus is on the export of South Korean development experiences to countries across the Global South and especially questions the rendering technical of South Korean development narratives on which South Korea's international development brand is currently being built upon.